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Apple peeler operation specification

- Jun 14, 2018 -

1. Make sure that the apple is placed correctly when feeding artificially, otherwise it will lead to the deviation of the core punching knife, and the deviation will affect the product quality.

2. For a certain period of time, due to factors such as pomace, sugar content, etc., it may affect the peeling, which may cause the skin dregs to temporarily stick out of the skin or block on the knife holder. If this happens, please remove the skin dregs regularly. . Maintain mechanical performance and working results.

3. The maintenance of the apple peeler is very important. After the shift is completed, the apple peeler should be rinsed, lubricated and checked to prevent the jamming, jamming and loosening of the apple peeler from affecting the product quality or causing damage. Apple peeler is damaged. When cleaning, avoid water directly rushed to the switch electrical appliances, so as not to damage the electrical appliances, see Apple Peeler instructions.

4. The apple peeler is required to cultivate special persons to operate, which is beneficial for grasping the performance and safety of the apple peeler. The fixed operator can make humans and machines achieve good cooperation and fully realize the best effect of the apple peeler. It is a normal phenomenon that raw materials appear as abnormal, such as abnormal fruit, dried cocoon, dehydration, and trauma. Reasonable peeling thickness adjustment of about 1.0mm.

5. The apple peeler is digitally controlled and simple to operate.

6. The apple peeler can process 70-95 apples with strong adaptability, speed 50 / min.