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Application of Dryer in Fishmeal Equipment

- Jun 14, 2018 -

The dryer is a kind of fishmeal equipment. During the processing of fishmeal, it is necessary to use a dryer for drying. So, how does the dryer work?

The dryer consists of a horizontal shell and a rotating shaft with steam heating. The shaft is welded with a heating plate. The plate is equipped with adjustable blades. With the rotation of the shaft, the fish meal is fully stirred and mixed under the combined action of the vanes and the coil, so that the fishmeal is in contact with the surface of the shaft plate to the maximum. The secondary steam generated after heating is discharged from the top chamber of the housing through the pilot duct. The duct maintains a slight degree of vacuum so that the steam does not leak out. At the same time, inhalation of multiple cold air is avoided, and the steam enters from the axial end of the feed inlet. The condensate drains from the shaft end of the powder outlet.

This is the use of the dryer in fishmeal equipment. If you want to buy quality fishmeal equipment, we look forward to contacting you!