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Application of fish feed processor

- Sep 29, 2018 -

We all know that small poultry and aquatic farming is not easy, especially when feeding them, the feed we use may be a little troublesome in processing, so now more and more fish feed grinders are emerging to solve this problem. Next, let me introduce the use of fish feed processing machine, hoping to help you.

The formwork and rollers of fish feed processing machine are processed by high quality alloy steel, and they are durable in quality. So when we use them, we should pay attention to the management of equipment and the analysis of efficiency.

The operation principle of the fish feed production equipment is basically the same, relying on the main shaft and the flat mold under the action of friction, making the material gelatinized at high temperature, and then solidified and formed, and finally discharged from the mold hole, forming particles, particle size can be adjusted according to the mechanical incision.

The use of feed processing machines can greatly reduce the raising of fish, pigs and sheep * and reduce the cost of breeding in small and medium-sized feed processing plants, and the finished products processed with feed can kill bacteria such as pathogenic microorganisms and improve the safety of products.