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Automatic fish killing and scaling machine

- Oct 08, 2018 -


Fish is an indispensable food. Many people love it very much. However, cleaning up fish is really complicated. If you are do worried, this automatic fish gutting machine will be a good choice for you. Just one button, automatically helps you gutting and scaling the fish belly step by step,so it is a good companion in people's lives.

The automatic fish killing machine is one of the important equipment for fish processing line. The equipment is advanced in design, the structure is complex and orderly, the parts are made of imported raw materials, precise, hard and wear-resistant, high efficiency automatic fish gutting machine can be used for fish killing , gutting. It can process 6 fish in one minute(depends on the fish type). This amazing speed and efficiency is the focus of this machine.      

The advantages of the Automatic fish gutting machine advantages:

       1. Killing fish and removing viscus at one time, it can process large, medium and small   fresh fish.

       2, high production efficiency, equivalent to 20 to 30 labor.

       3, the equipment is practical, only one person to operate, saving a lot of human resources.

       4, saving raw materials, continuous molding in the work, almost no loss of raw materials.

       5, Reasonable design , save work area, occupies little floor space.

       6, Low equipment maintenance costs and energy saving