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Features of fish fillet machine

- Nov 06, 2018 -

Fish Fillet Machine is an electric handheld machine to cut the fish and remove the bone. It could cut many kinds of fish like salmon、tilapia fish 、catfish, codfish and so on. The machine can fillet fish into 2 or 3 parts optionally and its capacity is 30 pcs/min.

Main Features

1) Applicable fish weight: less than 1 kg 

2) Applicable fish species: Tilapia, Trout, Salmon, Catfish, Carp etc. 

3) High yield with less than 3% meat loss

4) Filleting can be performed precisely by adjusting the belts and blades

5) Made of fine stainless steel which ensures its durablity and easy cleaning and maintenance

6) Spare parts such as blades, belts, conveyor etc. can also be offered

7) All the operational videos and directions are available

8) Senior engineers with over 20 years' experience can be sent for instruction and installation

9) Provide 1 year's warranty 

High speed and high efficient machine for fish cutting and save the labor, help the fish processing factory to process the fish sale and promote the profit.