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Fish meal must be selected by regular manufacturers

- Sep 19, 2018 -

Fish meal must be selected by regular manufacturers.

Choose imported fish meal must determine whether it is really imported fish meal, but also pay attention to its composition, only natural ingredients, and really imported products can guarantee the best quality. And now the domestic demand for a higher number of fish meal, many feed factories and farms need to buy a large number of, so want to buy the best products, but also to do a simple comparison.

In particular, direct cooperation with manufacturers, we must pay special attention to each other's products, only regular manufacturers can provide us with quality services.

Determine the size of the other party.

Generally speaking, the manufacturers that can provide us with imported fish meal are large-scale manufacturers, and can provide us with a variety of products, the other side has a certain production capacity, but also with foreign companies have cooperation, so the fish meal is really imported, and the quality is also guaranteed.

We should first determine each other's size, determine each other's ability, and then conduct a comprehensive comparison, as long as the larger manufacturers, the service provided to us in place, naturally more secure.

Determining its delivery capability

Maybe we not only buy a large number of imported fish meal, but also some other additives, so we must determine the supply capacity of the other side in the end, as far as possible to choose manufacturers that can provide a variety of products to cooperate.

Can first look through the network to each other's supply range, as well as specific wholesale quantity requirements, so long as it is to meet the minimum wholesale quantity requirements of the manufacturer, can also enjoy a certain preferential quotation, cost-effective aspects are not to worry about.

Some fish food or feed, in fact, many of the time inside the use of fish meal is not fresh fish, but fish meal, and in the purchase of such products, if you want to get a better effect, have a better product quality, then it is necessary to pay attention to the use of this product raw materials.

We should choose deep-sea fish products as far as possible.

An excellent choice when making a choice can help you a lot.