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How much is the full set of fish meal processing equipment?

- Oct 08, 2018 -

Fish meal is divided into dry fish meal and wet fish meal. At present, according to the fish meal in Peru, the fish meal is wet. Fishmeal production process as follows: raw material pool - metal detector - crusher - cooking machine - Press - dryer - sieve powder machine - cooler - automatic packaging machine - automatic stacker. At the same time, the corresponding raw fish produced by squeezing fish juice into the oil refining system. The refining process is as follows: fish juice - - storage box - - gear pump - - heater - - heating barrel - - three-phase horizontal centrifuge - - divided into crude oil and protein water for storage respectively. At the same time, the process of producing protein water will lead to the change of equipment cost and investment cost.

Protein water treatment process can be divided into the following several kinds: 1. Protein water directly discharged 2 proteins water was directly sprayed back to the dryer 3 proteins water for concentrating system treatment, so different treatment process will cause changes and deviations in protein content and amino acid content of finished products. In view of the current environmental pressure, the concentration system and condensation deodorization system are generally required. That is to say, a set of fish meal production line includes fish meal production system, fish oil production system, concentration system and deodorization system. And the corresponding boiler or steam supply. The transformer that provides power for it provides fresh water for production and living. And that depends on the amount of material, or how much material you plan to dispose of in 24 hours a day. So as to determine the size of the production line, for example, 100 tons, 200 tons, 300 tons, 400 tons, 500 tons.

In summary, the price of the complete set of fish meal processing equipment depends on the following points: 1. Capacity requirements 2. Process requirements 3. Brand requirements of the production line relatively speaking, domestic is certainly much more beneficial than imported. It was always thought that the Chinese manufacturing may not be reliable, but now with the time of the storm, the domestic fish meal equipment production line has stood up. Our company specializes in the production of fish meal equipment, shrimp meal equipment, meat and bone meal equipment. If necessary, you can communicate and cooperate, win win cooperation!