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How to use and maitain the fish fillet machine

- Oct 22, 2018 -

    Due to the constant demand of the market, the production of the fish fillet machine has also increased rapidly, and the fish food processing industry and various units in the fishery industry have been widely used.

    Instructions for using the fish fillet machine:

    1. Check if the power supply is unblocked.

    2. Check whether the mechanical equipment has loose parts.

    3. There are flammable and explosive substances around the inspection work.

    4. Prevent damage when the machine is working.

    5. After the fish fillet machine is used, the power should be cut off, and the machine maintenance    and cleaning should be carried out.

    Cut fish fillet machine weekly maintenance:

    1. Open the upper cover and the left door, and add butter to both ends of the connecting bearing of the main motor and the tool holder;

    2. Evenly spread the butter on the polished rod in the area where the knife holder runs along the polished rod, or directly fill it with the grease gun from the oil filling hole;

    3. Under the sloping plate of the lifting platform, the entire threaded area of the lifting screw is evenly spread with butter, and the running areas of the two parallel polished rods are added with butter.

    The machine is in the running-in period in the month before the start of use. At this time, the on-time maintenance is very important. If it cannot be strictly maintained on time, it will quickly produce bad items and influences.

    In order to meet the different needs of users, the fish fillet machine not only improves the work efficiency.