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Overview of world fishmeal production and demand

- Nov 14, 2018 -

The average output of fish meal in the world is about 6 million tons, of which Chile and Peru account for more than 3 million tons. They are the world's two largest exporters of fish meal.

(1) China: China has the largest demand for fish meal. Annual production of about 700 thousand tons of fish meal, but because of large demand, still large imports. 95% the customers are the general feed factories, and the other 5% are mixed in the livestock farm.

(2) Japan: Japan's aquaculture industry is thriving, producing about 24 million tons of feed per year, and the average annual demand for fish meal is between 500,000 and 600,000 tons. Fish meal is mainly used for aquaculture, and a large proportion is used in fertilizers. Japan's fish meal mainly comes from imports, and the main import areas are concentrated in the south.

(3) The United States: Because of the extensive use of synthetic protein, the United States has little dependence on fish meal. In recent years, fish meal has been exported and used as pet feed.

(4) Chile: Chile is a major producer and exporter of fish meal. In order to balance domestic fish meal prices, small quantities of fish meal have been imported from various countries since 1997. The general feed factories account for 20% of the customers, while 10% of them are self-mixing in livestock farms, of which 7 are traditional feeding farms.

(5) Norway: Norway is a fish meal producer. Fish meal is mainly used for fish farming. Domestic demand for fish farming has increased significantly, with salmon and trout farming among them.

(6) Germany: the demand for fishmeal in Germany has been stable, and about 150 thousand tons per year are produced in Germany. Fish meal is widely used in weaned pigs * feed.