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Potato peeling machine

- Oct 12, 2018 -

The advantages Potato peeling machine:

Potato peeling machine is a centrifugal rotation, touch peeling technology. The machine is exquisite in structure and easy to operate. It is suitable for cleaning and peeling potatoes in restaurants and canteens. The use and characteristics of potato peeling machine: potato peeling machine is used for peeling and washing of potatoes, suitable for restaurants, hotels, colleges, factories, mines, enterprises and canteens, food processing plants. The machine has high removal rate, low breakage rate, clean, hygienic, high production efficiency, easy operation, simple and convenient.

Potato peeling machine features:

1. This machine is designed reasonably, it can easily pour things into the barrel

2. High work efficiency. It takes only around 5 minutes to peel off each time.

3. Peeling clean. save time. Save water. Power saving safety, after peeling, the product is clean and hygienic, there will be no cracking and breaking, and the color is bright and fresh.

4. Depilatory suede. Potato skin (potato) and so on. Body size products can also be peeled off quickly together.

5. The machine's V-belt can be adjusted, and the inner drum and the outlet hopper motor cover can be loaded and unloaded. Transportation maintenance is more convenient.


1. Check the drum for any debris before starting the machine.

2. When the machine is working, it is strictly forbidden to apply the hand into the tube.

3. Before cleaning and disassembling, first disconnect the power supply to stop the machine.

4. To ensure safety, it must be reliably grounded at the case grounding mark.

5. The bearing is replaced with calcium-based grease once every 3 months.

6. Do not press the switch with wet hands during the processing.

7, more attention, please read the instructions carefully!