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Small fish feed processing machine equipment advantage

- Sep 19, 2018 -

1 simple operation two people can operate (including packaging).

2 cleaning simple screw has self-cleaning function.

3 main engine frequency conversion control saves electricity, energy conservation and efficiency.

4 design reasonable durable screw extruded corn for 2 years without replacing screw. Low wear degree.

Product characteristics:

The full-price pellets produced can meet the needs of animals for protein, energy, calcium, phosphorus, trace elements, vitamins and other nutrients at different stages. Available protein content is high, the balance of amino acids is reasonable, the animal grows fast, the skin is large, thick, straight needle hair, bright coat. Adding drugs, digestive enzymes, probiotics and anti-stress factors, the product can effectively prevent diarrhea, red claws, self-biting and other diseases of animals can improve the reproductive capacity of breeds of animals, early estrus, obvious oestrus symptoms, concentrated estrus time, high pregnancy rate of mother animals, more offspring. It can effectively prevent the anorexia of pregnant mother, the newborn is big and orderly, the healthy offspring rate is high, and the weaning survival rate is significantly improved.

Advantages of granular materials:

Expanded pellet compound feed can be directly fed. Its advantages are: increasing saliva secretion, prolonging the digestive time of feed in the digestive tract, making up for the shortage of the digestive tract of fur animals, low digestion and absorption rate of nutrients in the feed, so as to improve the digestive efficiency of feed and reduce dyspeptic diarrhea. The juvenile feeding can be freely fed, avoiding uneven feeding and unbalanced growth and development caused by competition for food, and improving the uniformity and weaning weight of the juvenile. The growth animals are free to solve the problem of low feed intake and slow growth in summer. Feeding thinner or porridge, the leftovers are easy to deteriorate, and the high fat in powder is also easy to oxidize and deteriorate in high temperature season, wet mix is easy to contaminate the plush, resulting in the phenomenon of tangled plush, particles overcome the above shortcomings, thereby reducing the occurrence of animal diseases.

The use of pellet products, feeding operation controllable, low risk of artificial operation, low labor intensity, short labor time, less equipment investment, saving water, electricity, fuel, conducive to a large number of breeding, the formation of large-scale operation.