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The main composition of fishmeal equipment

- Jun 14, 2018 -

The normal operation of fishmeal equipment is closely related to the composition of each part. Next, Xiaobian will briefly introduce you to it!

Fishmeal equipment, also known as fishmeal dryer equipment, consists of a horizontal shell and a rotating shaft with steam heating. The heating coils are welded to the shaft and ejector plates are mounted on the disks. The working efficiency of fishmeal equipment is extremely high. During working, it can both heat fishmeal and move the heated fishmeal along the powder end. The steam distribution device inside the shaft can evenly distribute the steam to each heating disk. The steam and condensed water flow in the coils on both sides of the disc, respectively, so that the heated disc maintains a constant high temperature.

The fishmeal equipment has completed the above-mentioned steps to complete the operation. The work efficiency and the use effect are obviously improved, and more in line with people's practical needs.