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The nutritional characteristics and main uses of fish meal

- Dec 10, 2018 -

1. Mineral fish meal is a good source of minerals. The content of calcium and phosphorus is very high, and the proportion is appropriate. All phosphorus is available phosphorus. The selenium content of fish meal is very high, up to 2 mg/kg. In addition, the contents of iodine, zinc, iron and selenium in fish meal are also very high, and contain a proper amount of arsenic.

2. Available emergy fish meal does not contain cellulose and other difficult-to-digest substances. It has high crude fat content and high effective emergy value of fish meal. It is easy to prepare high-energy feed with fish meal as raw material in production.

3. Unknown growth factor fish meal contains unknown growth-promoting factors. This substance has not been purified into compounds. This substance can stimulate animal growth and development.

4. Vitamin fish meal is rich in B vitamins, especially vitamin B12 and B2. It also contains fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamin A, D and vitamin E.

Fur animal feed is used for some fur animals such as foxes and minks. Fur animals are mostly carnivorous. There is a great demand for protein in their growth. High-quality fish meal is the first choice for these animal feed raw materials.

Livestock feed is used for the feed of pigs, chickens and other animals. These feedstuffs contain high quality protein, especially young pigs and chickens. Because young animals are in a period of vigorous growth, the demand for protein and the proportion of amino acids required in protein are relatively large. Fish meal is an animal protein, and the proportion of amino acids in fish meal is the closest to that required by animals.

The feed of aquatic animals is used as the main raw material of feed protein for aquatic animals such as fish, crab and shrimp. Fish meal has the closest proportion of amino acids needed by aquatic animals. Adding fish meal can ensure that aquatic animals grow faster.