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The performance of fishmeal equipment innovation and advancement

- Jun 14, 2018 -

Fishmeal equipment adds homogenizers and uses fishmeal, iron, and sand to have different suspension speeds to remove iron, sand, organic plastics, and other impurities in raw fishmeal. Moreover, in the process of use, it also shows more innovative and advanced:

1. The hot air will be used instead of the original indirect steam as the heat source for drying, and the heating efficiency will be significantly improved. It is expected that the energy consumption will be more than 30% of that of the original process equipment.

2, will adopt low-temperature fast short-time drying technology, can effectively protect the amino acids in fish meal is not destroyed, so that the loss of true protein in fish meal from the original 15-30% to less than 5%, to meet or exceed the standard of the same fish meal.

3. Keeping the design in a state of closed negative pressure and continuous automated production with high efficiency, low energy consumption, and no environmental pollution.

The advanced and innovative fishmeal equipment makes the fishmeal products more excellent and the processing effect is more rapid.