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What are the main methods of fish meal processing?

- Sep 11, 2018 -


  Fish meal processing has several methods, usually is traditional method, dry method and wet method. 

  The production of traditional method refers to the production by the method of drying and smashing. Because the fish is easy to cause oxidation of fish oil during the sun exposure, the quality of the fish meal is poor. 

  The dry method of producing fish meal is to cook and dry the raw materials, remove the water, then press or extract the fish oil, and finally pulverize and sieve. The fish meal produced by this method has more residual fat, and the fish meal is dark brown and the quality is also poor. 

  The wet method for producing fish meal is to cook the raw material, press and remove the fish oil and most of the water, dry, and then crush, and the pressed liquid is centrifuged to remove the oil, concentrated and mixed in the crushed pressed cake, and dried to obtain the fish meal. Wet production has lower energy consumption than dry process, complete deodorization, high fish meal yield and good quality. The fish meal produced by the wet method is called whole fish meal.