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What to watch out for when using a fish slicer

- Jun 14, 2018 -

The fish slicing machine is equipped with 50-80 slicing knife, which can cut the whole fish into uniform fish slices at a time. After cutting, it can keep the original shape of the fish and will not damage the fish body. We should pay attention to the use of meat can not be cut inside the large bone debris, otherwise it will damage the blade, cut the fish when the hand can not press the meat to feed, so as not to hurt the hand, if not used, the idle time can not exceed two minutes . The above is the place we should pay attention to when using a fish slicer. Let's take a look at the main features of the slicer:

The machine can cut common fish such as squid, grass carp, salmon, black fish, etc. The meat change during slicing need not stop, the operation is simple, the cut fish piece has high efficiency, and the fish can be sliced evenly and uniformly, and the formed fish piece can be sliced uniformly. Appearance whole agent, easy to pack.

In addition to slicing fresh fish, fish can also be cut into sections, cuts, cuts, etc. to facilitate people's cooking and eating. Fish within 5kg can be cut obliquely into slices, if you need to cut more than 5kg of fish You can contact us for customization.