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Analysis Of Factors Affecting Fishmeal Market

- Oct 18, 2018 -

     The rhythm of imported fishmeal in the country has slowed down markedly, the demand for aquaculture has been sluggish, and the low rainfall in the south has suppressed the pace of local aquaculture farmers entering the market. The pressure on domestic environmental protection has increased. In the first half of the year, the terminal has a tendency to be biased towards the fishmeal market as a whole.

     1. The total amount of imported fishmeal in Peru increased in the first half of the year. Peruvian fishmeal dominates the domestic market.

     Since June, China has purchased a large number of Peruvian fishmeal and purchased Peruvian fishmeal stocks in other countries. The pre-sales have reached 450,000 tons, supporting the confidence of local fishmeal manufacturers in Peru. At the end of June, Peru's super steam-grade fishmeal reference CNF1420/t, down 8.97% compared with the beginning of the year, but compared with domestic Peruvian fishmeal is also more resilient, mainly due to the demand for fishmeal in other countries.

     2. Domestic terminal feed demand is weak, pressure fishmeal demand

     Since the Meiyu period, rainfall has been frequent in southern China. Recently, heavy rains have occurred in parts of the south of the Yangtze River Basin. At present, Guangxi, Hubei, Hunan, Anhui, Jiangxi and other places have suffered from various floods. The overall situation is affected by the extent of disasters and the degree of disasters. According to statistics, the market capacity of aquatic feed is above 4 million tons. Rainfall weather affected the aquaculture feed, and the sales of aquatic feed in June fell short of expectations, which inhibited the demand for fishmeal.

     3. Soybean meal prices are lower, and the increase in substitutes also suppresses the fishmeal market.

      In the first half of the year, the demand for farming was sluggish, and the price of soybean meal was oscillated from a high level. To some extent, the price trend of fishmeal was also suppressed. After the ultra-low price of soybean meal, the substitution effect on fishmeal has increased significantly.

     4. The increase of domestic fishmeal is limited. The quality of fishmeal has been strengthened.

     The total amount of imported fishmeal in China is relatively high, and the rainfall in the aquaculture area of the southern waterworks has increased, which has become the main reason for suppressing the trend of the fishmeal market in the first half of the year.