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Automatic Fish Killer Development Prospects

- Jun 14, 2018 -

The automatic killing fish machine device determines its high rotation speed, high efficiency, overcomes the manual operation, and saves manpower cost. The machine can fish out in 25 seconds, while the manual takes a few minutes, and the artificial treatment of fish takes a long time and is laborious.

The automatic fish killing machine is a necessary equipment for manual processing in the future. It saves the company's wages, expenses, and improves work efficiency. It is inevitable that it will replace manpower.

In the 21st century, the world’s machinery industry has entered an unprecedented high-speed development stage. The developed countries attach importance to the development of the equipment manufacturing industry. They not only occupy the forefront in the proportion, accumulation, employment, and contribution of the domestic industry, but also rely on the equipment manufacturing industry for new technologies and new products. The development and production of products provide an important material basis and is an indispensable strategic industry for the modern economy. Even if it is an industrialized country that has entered the “information society”, it also attaches great importance to the development of the machinery manufacturing industry. The necessary equipment in the next situation.

Here we come together to understand the performance and features of fully automatic fish killer:

1. Improve the accuracy of work, reduce the limited manual labor, kill fish to scale fish, not to use the drawbacks of internal organs.

2. The efficiency is improved by manipulating every single 25 seconds.

3. It is very convenient to use, just send the fish into the mouth of the fish and wait for the rabbit.

4. The processed fish can be removed 99% of the scales and the incision is consistent.

The automatic killing machine is more efficient, and the automatic killing machine is one of the important equipments for producing fish. The equipment has advanced design and the structure is complex and orderly, which saves manpower resources and reduces production costs.