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Fish Feed Processing Machinery, Fish Feed Processing Machine

- Sep 19, 2018 -

Fish feed equipment, fish feed production equipment, fish feed processing machinery, fish feed processing machine

Brief introduction of production line:

Fish feed equipment production line is to use powdered corn flour and other high degree of puffing cereals as basic materials supplemented by bone meal, meat meal, protein, vitamins, fiber and other nutrients, using twin-screw extruder through strong extrusion instantaneous puffing molding, produce different shapes and particle puffing high overall floating performance A complete set of automatic fish feed production lines with high fish feed particles, which are dried and then sprayed with seasonings to enhance taste and finally packaged.

Advantages of the production line:

In technology, the fish feed equipment production line takes puffed grain as the basic material, after extrusion and puffing, the starch tissue in powdered material becomes denatured and gelatinized, which has more homogenizing effect and is easier to be digested and absorbed by fish without the nutrients being partly wasted and excluded from the body. Moreover, the surface of fish feed particles formed by extrusion and shearing is smooth and dense, which is not easy to disperse and rot, and has regular shape and strong persistence. Therefore, the fish feed particles processed by the fish feed equipment production line have the advantages of better taste, high nutrition, easy digestion, fewer parasites, better floating performance and immersion resistance than the traditional non-expanded fish feed particles (such as fish, shrimp and raw cereals).

Jinan Linao Machinery and Equipment Co., Ltd. produces suspended fish feed, sinking fish feed and imports advanced foreign technology. By adjusting the degree of expansion of the equipment, the floating time of the feed in water can be controlled to produce high-quality special equipment production lines with different sinking properties: fish and shrimp aquatic feed production lines, ornamental fish production lines. Feed puffing machinery and ornamental fish feed puffing machinery to adapt to different fishes. The equipment can supply four families and all kinds of ornamental fish for food, and can also produce a variety of other feeds: ornamental fish feed, carp feed, goldfish feed, tropical fish feed, ornamental bird feed, pet dog feed, cat feed, shrimp feed, bullfrog feed, mink, fox, eel, sea water fish, special species. Feed, experimental animal dog food, monkey food, conventional pellet feed, soybean raw material puffing, corn raw material puffing and so on.

In the process, the fish feed equipment production line has no serious pollution such as noise and dust.

Operationally, the fish feed equipment production line covers a small area and is easy to operate, and the labor cost of users can be reduced to a certain extent without excessive labor.

Production line equipment configuration:

Crushing of Raw Materials (Cereals, Meat / Bones) - Moisture Adjustment / Stirring Uniformity - Extrusion Puffing Curing - Drying - Seasoning (Cooling) - Packaging