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Fish Scales Help You To Get Your Fish Scales

- Jun 14, 2018 -

The descaler is a machine that can replace fish scales by hand. It can remove many fish scales at a time. Generally, it takes only about 20 seconds to remove all scales. Regardless of size, the electric descaler will not harm the fish. It will not damage the shark fins and fish tails.

When you use it, simply pour the fish into the machine, press the power switch, and after the time will automatically stop the operation, pull the fish out of the fish scales machine, the fish will scrape the fish scale out. Save time, labor and labor, remove decalification rate can reach 99%, scraping fish scales use the rotating effect, so that the fish in the movement to scale, will not cause any damage to the fish, fish scales automatically discharged, and the fish will be released at the mouth of the fish .

The electric descaler is made of stainless steel, with a novel appearance, easy to clean, non-alkali, no rust, long service life, simple operation and high efficiency. The descaler is cheap, easy to move and energy-saving. For merchants selling fish, it is the simplest way to remove fish scales. Simply pour the fish into the machine and press the switch to automatically remove fish scales and improve the efficiency of work.

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