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Homemade Fish Meal Requires A Larger Proportion Of Amino Acids In Protein

- Oct 08, 2018 -

Domestic fowl feed is used for animal feed * such as pigs and chickens. These diets contain high quality protein, especially young * pigs and chickens. Because young animals are in a period of vigorous growth, the demand for protein and the requirement of a large proportion of amino acids in protein, fish meal as animal protein, the proportion of amino acids and animal needs are the closest.

Feed for aquatic animals is used as the main raw material for aquatic animals such as fish, crab and shrimp. Fishmeal and aquatic animals need the most similar proportion of amino acids, adding fish meal can ensure the growth of aquatic animals faster.

The fur animal feed is used for some fur animals such as foxes, minks and so on. Most fur animals are carnivorous, and there is a large demand for protein in their growth. High quality fish meal is the first choice for these animal feed materials.

The production process of semi-skimmed fish meal is the same as that of skimmed fish meal. It is all through cooking, pressing, oil-water separation, primary drying and secondary drying. The difference is that after oil-water separation, the separated water (containing salt, impurities, fat and fine fish meal particles) is sprayed back into the semi-skimmed fish meal. In a drying pot, the fish meal is mixed with the fish meal and dried together, which increases the flour yield and reduces the loss of muscle tissue caused by the small and non-fresh fish body rot. Because of the prolonged drying time, the color of fish meal is not sprayed back in time and the fish and water are pressed partially when it is sprayed back, the VBN (generally between 150-250), the histidine value is high, the fish meal is slightly reddish-brown, the properties are fine, the protein is generally between 60% and 66%, the acid value is relatively high, and the digestibility of pepsin is between 80-9%. 0, the salinity is between 4.5 -5.5. The smell of semi defatted fish meal and defatted fish meal is quite different, with a slightly rancidity odor. The cost of semi degreasing is much lower than that of degreasing.