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Main Characteristics Of Fish Meal

- Nov 22, 2018 -

For monogastric animals, fish meal has an irreplaceable important position as the main animal protein source in the feeding industry. Its crude protein content is high, the digestibility of protein is up to 90%, rich in all kinds of essential amino acids, and its composition is relatively balanced; its carbohydrate content is especially low, crude fiber is almost zero; its calcium and phosphorus content is high, and the proportion is good, and its utilization rate is high; besides, it is rich in high energy, minerals, vitamins and weight. Fatty acids and unknown growth factors.

Fish meal is a kind of feed made from whole fish or fish waste (head, tail, fin, viscera, etc.) by cooking, pressing, drying and crushing.

The nutritional value of fish meal varies greatly with different species, processing methods and storage conditions. Fish meal, which is widely used in China, refers to pure fish meal made from whole fish as raw material without residue or foreign matter.

Fish meal does not contain cellulose and lignin, and the level of available energy depends on the content of crude fat and ash.

Fish meal contains growth factors that stimulate animal growth and development.