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Poultry Edible Fish Meal Can Accelerate Growth And Nutrient Uptake

- Dec 10, 2018 -

It is known that among all protein sources, fish meal is considered to be the preferred protein source for aquatic and terrestrial animal feed because of its balanced amino acid pattern, containing phospholipids and some essential fatty acids, good palatability and easy digestion and absorption. In addition to reducing fish meal additions by improving feed processing technology, the rise of domestic fish meal is also one of the important reasons for this phenomenon.

Raising poultry for barbecue chickens

1. Eating fish meal can accelerate the growth rate, accelerate the absorption of nutrients, thereby reducing the cost of feeding.

2. Enhancing immunity and reducing disease can avoid taking anti-disease drugs.

3. There is no need to supplement the nutrients used routinely, and the effect is good.

4. Can make nervous system and body backbone develop well.

5. It can prevent and avoid inflammation, decay, cellulitis and other symptoms and consequently reduce economic losses.

6. Absorbing DHA and EPA low-level fatty acids omega-3 from nutrients helps fat to turn into meat, which is more effective than others. The association between omega-3, omega-6, DHA and EPA can make meat have better fatty acids without affecting meat quality.

Fish meal: six detection methods for adulteration of fish meal raw materials

Laying hens

1, high yield.

2. Strong ability of epidemic prevention.

3. Enhance the reproductive capacity of male and female chickens.

4. Fatty acids, Omega 3-DHA and EPA accumulate in chickens to make the eggs more nutritious, thus helping to improve the nutrition provided to humans.