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Slicer Application And Performance

- Jun 14, 2018 -

Fish porridge and pickled fish fillets are among the staple foods that the Chinese people love. However, due to the complexity and complexity of fish fillets, most people want to eat fish fillets when they want to go to restaurants and restaurants to enjoy their meals. They do not choose to do it at home. But in fact, making fish fillets is not so much trouble. Now you only need a small slicer to make delicious fish fillets at home.

The cut fish slice machine can be used in one machine to cut fresh fish fillets of different thicknesses, such as grass carp, black fish, herring, carp, mandarin fish, tilapia, and barnacle fish. Slicer for a variety of conditioning: cut fish can be made of pickled fish, fish porridge, boiled fish, baked fish. The fish fillets cut by the fillet cutter are uniform in size, uniform in thickness, and the slicing speed and the slice thickness can be arbitrarily adjusted. The operation can be freely performed in a few minutes, and one or two inexperienced persons can operate the machine. The cut fish slicer is light and compact, occupies less space and is easy to move. The main parts are made of excellent stainless steel, beautiful appearance, in line with national food hygiene standards. The conveying and slicing parts adopt special technology, with low resistance, good molding, and convenient maintenance and disassembly and cleaning. For a variety of work environments. The cutting fish machine has high working efficiency, equivalent to 8-12 workers cutting fish fillets at the same time. It is truly low-input and high-effective, saving money and labor. The oblique fish fillet machine is made of high-quality stainless steel, which is durable and wear-resistant. The blades are made of imported materials. After a special heat treatment process, it is sharp and durable, with good cutting results and meets food hygiene standards. The machine's driving method is simple, easy to operate, safe and reliable, the blade is easy to take apart and wash, the cutting thickness and bevel angle can be customized, can not be adjusted after the custom, the blade is fixed, the cutting surface is smooth, suitable for oblique cut salmon, eel, etc. Fish or skewered pork belly tripe and other meat. Automatic slicer is suitable for meat processing factory, aquatic product processing factory, large-scale food and beverage industry and other units.

Skate fisher note:

1. The machine should be placed in a stable place. The wheeled machine should lock the casters.

2. Please confirm that there is no foreign matter in the inlet of the machine. Please follow the power instructions on the plate to connect the power supply and the ground wire.

3. When the machine is in operation, do not put your hand into the machine. If you accidentally get caught in your clothes, please press the emergency stop button.

4. After the machine is used, please be sure to cut off the power before cleaning the machine; the circuit part can not be cleaned. Please pay attention to the sharp parts such as the cutter when removing and washing.