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The Use Of Fish Scales And Features

- Jun 14, 2018 -

Turn on the power, put the fish into the horizontal position, and then start the motor to run. When the scale is removed, the roller moves inwards. After 35 seconds, the reverse switch is pulled back. The roller moves outwards and opens the front door to release the fish. .

Fish scales, stainless steel, brushed structure, scales clean, no damage to fish. Automatic separation of fish and fish scales, dephosphorized fish can be automatically discharged from the outlet, fish scales can be automatically recovered. The equipment has a high yield and has no restrictions on the size and variety of fish. It is widely used in restaurants, hotels, and canteens, saving manpower, material resources, and time.

1. Place the machine steadily, (for safety, please be sure to connect the ground wire), turn on the power, put the fish, press the power switch, and start working.

2. A processing volume of about 8-15 kg, about 20 seconds.

3. While running, add the appropriate amount of water to remove the scraped fish scales. The scales will flow out of the scale opening along with the water.

4. During the processing, depending on the type, size, freshness, and processing volume of the fish, the processing time is also different. The user can grasp it according to the actual situation.

5. First put the fish into the machine, and then press the power switch, do not put his hand into the machine during operation, so as not to scratch.

6.* Use less time, do not scrape too long, should be within 20 seconds, scraped fish can be released at the fish mouth.

 This machine can automatically scale fish such as carp, carp, carp, grass carp, etc.

This machine is pure stainless steel material. The appearance is novel. Non-alkali. Stainless. Long life. The machine is simple and efficient. The price is reasonable to make users satisfied